Pneumatic forging hammer Supplier

Pneumatic forging hammer supplier


10 years Specialized in forging equipment


Improved all steel air hammer


Obtained national patent certificate

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We solve the pneumatic hammer body broken problem, because our hammer is full steel pneumatic hammer body. We've sold 300 sets of pneumatic hammer, our hammer is gained the market and customer's satisfaction, and awarded national patent. We can manufacture national standard pneumatic hammer, also we can custom-make according the customer's requirement, The full steel pneumatic hammer can be custom-made based on the foundation and anvil block of the old model pneumatic hammer,electro-hydraulic forging hammer and steam forging hammer, this can help our customer save investment, and reducing the erection term. the main spare parts of the pneumatic hammer: the guide sleeve enbeded the copper composite material,the copper composite material guide plate, their lifespan is 3 times more than the traditional spare parts material, we save the cost of the spare parts for our customers.There are the Pneumatic hammer models: C41-250KG, C41-400KG, C41-560KG, C41-750KG, C41-950KG, C41-1000KG, C41-1250KG, C41-1500KG, C41-2000KG, C41-3000KG, C41-5000KG. Xinchui Company is the unique manufacturer of the C41-3000KG and C41-5000KG pneumatic hammer.

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